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Hometown Security: Bronx, New York

  • 901 Hunts Point Ave Bronx, NY, 10474 United States (map)


This tour, led by MacArthur “genius” Fellow and Peabody Award winning radio host of, Majora Carter, will take participants through the streets of her youth as folks learn about what it all looked like when the neighborhood was built, when it burned, and how it is still rebuilding before our eyes today.

Special attention will be paid to the 5-acre Spofford juvenile detention facility – built in 1959, and closed in 2011. As an extension of the experience, you are invited to attend Memories of the Future at 4:00 PM

MCG has co-sponsored this community led theater project involving an inter-generational group of people whose live were in some way affected by the Spofford Juvenile Detention facility.
Some members of this group were inmates of, or workers inside Spofford,or local residents, or someone they loved was in there.

For the past 10 weeks, they have met every Monday 6:30pm-9pm with Theater of the Oppressed artistic coaches, and multi-media director Melanie Crean to explore their experiences and feelings about Spofford.

Now, they are ready to show a live audience what they’ve learned, and invite audience members to react & contribute as part of the performances.

The observations gleaned from these 2 unique theatrical events will go on to inform and influence how the 5-acre Spofford site will be re-developed in the future.

For more info – please contact or 718 874 7313


Time: 2 pm

Date: Sunday, May 5, 2013

Event Start/End: 

901 Hunts Point Avenue (entrance on Garrison Avenue)
The Bronx, NY 10474
718 874 7313

Host: Majora Carter, Hometown Security Laboratories

Theme: Walking

Registration: No registration needed. All are welcome.

Accessibility: This event is open and accessible to Wheelchairs, Bicycles, Seniors, Children