Registration Guidelines:

  • We do not sell or share the information you provide in the registration form outside of Jane Jacobs Walk, unless you indicate otherwise. Furthermore, unless you specifically request your contact information to be shown, we will not publish this information on your event page.
  • It is recommended you provide some form of contact for people to get in touch before or after the walk. This may be in the form of a free email address set up specifically for your event.
  • For the Event Information portion of the registration form, please be sure to provide the following:
    • Name or theme of your walk
    • Date of your event
    • Starting and ending times of your event
    • Starting and ending points,
    • Mode of transportation (on foot, on bike, etc.),
    • Participant cap (if any)
    • Description of your event
    • Accessibility.
    • Part of the registration process for your event involves creating an online map through Google of your planned route. We have created an online video tutorial on how to create your map here: How to Create a Google MyMap for Your Jane Jacobs Walk. You can also view Google’s My Map tutorial here. Your Jane Jacobs Walk coordinator will be available to help with this as well.


Resources for Hosts

The files below will help with organizing and advertising your Jane Jacobs Walk event.

Formal Invite Letter

Host a Walk

Six Tips for Hosts

Ten Tips for Walkers

Important Registration Information

Jane Jacobs Walk Attribution

All organizers and tour guides must include a mention or logo of Jane Jacobs Walk during or on any event signage, flyers, websites or other materials related to the event. Non-profit groups, collectives, individuals, governmental agencies, unincorporated groups or associations may form partnerships with Jane Jacobs Walk and place their logos, brands on promotional and media materials.

Jane Jacobs Walk a program of the Center for the Living City (501c3 Nonprofit)

Jane Jacobs Walk events are given and taken for free. No participant or organizer may charge for Jane Jacobs Walk or use the Jane Jacobs Walk event or logo to make specific offers of good or services that are for sale or will result in making profits for themselves or their groups. Local fundraising efforts for the support of the promotion and organizing of the event is encouraged, but cannot result in the collection of money from Jane Jacobs Walk participants during any tour or walk. Clarifications on this policy can be sought by contacting the Jane Jacobs Walk team and getting written consent on any fundraising efforts.

Jane Jacobs Walk Release of Liability

Participation in Jane Jacobs Walk is open and undertaken at your own risk. You will be acting independently of Jane Jacobs Walk, its staff, advisors, directors, volunteers, funders, assigns and partners, none of whom are liable for your actions.

By participating in a Jane Jacobs Walk event you voluntarily and entirely assume the risk of injury to yourself or others, assume all legal liability related to your Jane Jacobs Walk tours and events, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Jane Jacobs Walk and its employees, officers, directors, members, volunteers, agents, assigns and partners. You also agree to obey the law and the directives of any duly authorized law enforcement officer.

If you are ready to register your event, click on the Registration button to register your event. If you still have questions about hosting an event, please contact us by email at