Advancing the observations of Jane Jacobs takes many forms, and one of the best routes for doing this is to get out and walk. When our Canadian colleagues and board members inaugurated the Jane's Walk program, we jumped on board with them as Jane's Walk USA. With limited funds but unlimited energy, undergraduate students in the Department of City & Metropolitan Planning at the University of Utah assembled ways to bring this "gift to the world" to as many interested people in the United States as possible.

The first event was conducted on May 5, 2007 in Toronto by a group of Jacobs' friends and colleagues who wanted to honor her ideas and legacy. Mayor David Miller declared it Jane Jacobs Day and twenty-seven local guides offered walks in neighborhoods where they worked, socialized and lived.

Over the years the program has expanded throughout the world, and together with our Canadian colleagues we have worked to bring the power of observation to communities as different as Anchorage, Alaska and Mumbai, India. Each year the program has increased its pace, and now has grown to include worldwide and we have evolved to year-round international walks as Jane Jacobs Walk (formerly Jane's Walk USA). Under the leadership of the Center for the Living City and  Stephen Goldsmith, Graduate and Undergraduate City & Metropolitan Planning students comprise an enthusiastic and hard working Jane Jacobs Walk team. Each year our Jane Jacobs Walk program is taking steps to bring the insights, community connections and power of observation to a diversity of neighborhoods in cities throughout the world.