What is a Jane Jacobs Walk?

A Jane Jacobs Walk (previously known as Jane’s Walk USA) is a free neighborhood walking, biking, and/or transit tour that celebrates and investigates the people and places that make a city great. While most Jane Jacobs Walks are designed around a theme (architecture, local culture and history, city planning, local cuisine, mobility challenges, nature, etc.), most of all, a Jane Jacobs Walk is an opportunity to meet new people, and to have a great time.

Several Jane Jacobs Walk events take place annually on the first weekend in May to coincide with Jane Jacobs’ birthday, however we encourage Jane Jacobs Walks be organized and led throughout the year by enthusiastic local people or organizations.

Want to Participate? Walks are open to everyone:

  • Anyone who enjoys getting to know their city and neighbors.
  • People who want to participate in meaningful conversations about the social and built future of their neighborhoods.
  • People engaged in the work of building cohesive communities and improving the walking environment.
  • People who want to change their cities and neighborhoods, for example to narrow the gap between the haves and have-nots in our cities and towns.
  • Youth and children who experience the impact of current transportation choices disproportionately, but who are rarely consulted on their aspirations for walking or cycling.

How do I find a Jane Jacobs Walk event near me?

Check out the events page to find listings of all the events happening in cities across the world. Check if there are any restrictions for the event (a cap on participants, or age restriction), but don’t worry about having to pay: all Jane Jacobs Walk events are free. Also check to see if the event requires registration - if so, RSVP in advance. If there isn’t currently a walk happening in your city, don’t panic: you could always host your own.

I’ve found a walk near me, now what?

Check the event posting prior to your event to make sure that the date, time, and/or location of the event hasn’t changed. Remember to be prepared to walk (or ride, if you’re biking, unicycling, or otherwise rolling) and wear appropriate clothes and footwear. Most of all, remember to have fun!

Lastly, after your walk, let us know how your Jane Jacobs Walk experience was. Send us pictures, write an email, tweet us, post to the Jane Jacobs Walk Facebook page and Instagram #JaneJacobsWalk #janejacobswalk | We want to hear from you!