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Fight 2 end Animal Cruelty

  • Indianapolis, Indiana (map)

We will be discussing the effects of Animal Cruelty and how we can prevent the violent terrible things that are happening to our four-legged friends. We will also be able to learn how we can adopt a vegan diet, how to ditch wool, leather and fur, how to ditch all beauty/hair care/hygiene items that test and experiment on animals, how to prevent going to places that promote and produce animal cruelty (such as circuses, most pet stores, animal sports, and Sea World), and even how to stop the horse carriage company and the incidents that occur with horse carriages every year, as well as why we should call exercise “fighting for the animals” and the health/environmental benefits of the vegan diet! This Jane Jacobs Walk is for the animals! The event will take place in May 25, 2013 and October 12, 2013 in honor of Vegetarian Month!

Time: 10:30am – 12:00pm

Date:  May 25, 2013 and October 12, 2013

Event Start/End: 

We will start from 56th Broad Ripple Ave to 86th Street.

Host: Vanessa Helm, IUPUI Student Wellness Coalition (SWELL)

Theme: Walking, Biking, Jogging

Registration: No need to sign up, just show up.

Accessibility: This event is accessible and open to Wheelchairs, Bicycles, Seniors, Children

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