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The BROADWAY: 1000 Steps (Midtown)

The BROADWAY: 1000 Steps Baton – 59th Street to 23rd Street: Midtown Through the Square

Vin Cipolla, president of the Municipal Art Society (MAS), will guide us from Columbus Circle to Times Square—historic junctions along Broadway where MAS has played a critical role boosting the corridor’s assets. The Times Square Alliance will also be on hand to speak more specifically about Times Square’s cultural relevance and the plans in place to improve the area. Broadway Green Alliance will address its own initiatives regarding greening of the theater district.

BROADWAY: 1000 Steps is a project by Mary Miss to turn the oldest avenue of NYC into a “green corridor” where insights into our surroundings – from streets and buildings, to transportation and waste, to energy and the climate – can be made apparent and accessible at ground level. This project, to be inaugurated next spring 2013, will be implemented at up to twenty “hubs” dispersed along its length, from the Bronx to the Battery. Each hub will serve as a site for installations that reveal the urban infrastructure, decode the environment and suggest what the future city might be. This project is intended as a catalyst for interventions and projects by other artists, environmental designers, and citizens along Broadway, at additional sites in NYC and cities across the country.

NOTE: This walk is part of a continuous series of walks taking place on Sunday, May 5th. 

Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm

Date: Sunday May 6, 2012

Event Start: 59th St. and Broadway; Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park

Event End: The intersection of Broadway and 23rd, on the South-West corner of Madison Square Park

Host: Vin Cipolla, President of the Municipal Art Society of New York

Registration: No need to RSVP, just show up at the posted meeting place.

Accessibility: Fully Accessible